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    MM5000-Typhoon LED video wall controller help narrow pixel pitch LED used in medical filed
    Now MM5000-Typhoon 4K/UHD LED video wall controller serves one medical training center in Shanghai, It fulfills world-leading narrow pixel pitch LED used in high end medical field.

    Compared to Mviewtech video wall controller, traditional controller is aided with image processing mode in 4:2:2, inner frame drop, and non-full sync, which cannot support 4K/UHD, pixel by pixel output and full sync, let alone it is also limited in expansion scale and super ultra-high resolution requirement.  
    However MM5000-Typhoon LED video wall controller is capable of image processing mode in 4:4:4, 6.5Gbps serdes bandwidth per input/output signal, full 60Hz frame without drop frame, super full sync and high image fidelity, on any output resolution environment, it guarantees  image/video quality in pixel by pixel output without tearing, frame skip and blurring.
    Adopted by background signal source from multiple Displayport signals and per DP signal capable of non-standard input, this LED display achieves the whole image with non-standard resolution up 6K;
    Moreover MM5000-Typhoon also supports multiple signals with various signal formats and resolutions capturing and displaying as windows. Rich input signals likes UHD signals: Displayport、Duallink DVI and HDMI 4Kl; various signals: HDMI、DVI、VGA、YPbPr、CVBS、HDbaseT; and even DVI-M input card with general purpose interface, capable of HDMI、DVI、VGA、YPbPr和CVBS simultaneously.
    Additionally, in mixed input and output card architecture and no fixed num. of input and output cards in one chassis, MM5000-Typhoon can easily configure large scale LED video wall even with 3U chassis.   
    Customers are satisfied with this 6K LED display effect enhanced by MM5000-L, and highly recommended on site.
    On one hand, with UHD multiple non-standard resolution signals ability, MM5000-L make the whole image with perfect display effect;
    On the other hand, compared to 4K professional 84 inch display used in demo room now, this 6K LED display achieved by MM5000 Typhoon has a great improvement in image color saturation and gray level, it guarantees the original image quality, especially in ultra-low brightness (for eyes protection ) and super high gray level(for professional medical display) environments.  
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