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    Mviewtech MPG203 processor serves one real estate sales cent

    Mviewtech MPG203:3 channel blending and warping hardware processor serves one real estate sales center of Xuan city.

    High end real estate promotion activity usually use huge screen for Panorama presentation, which is mainly achieved by multi-projector blending system, which can easily meet the real estate project large scale and seamless screen requirement for a complete perfect view effect.

    With the help of parallel lined ultra high speed processing ability, Mviewtech blending and warping processor achieve pixel by pixel output video with 1080P, 4k X2K, even up 6K; and based on pure hardware MPG20X doesn’t take up CPU and GPU resources of PC, even those preprocessed high resolution content is running smoothly, and the huge screen operation is just the same to monitor which can be controlled by PC easily.

    MPG 203 series processor supports overlap pixels continuous adjustment from 0 to 512, and complete adjustable overlap transition curve cost less time as 10 seconds; this series also allows for pixel by pixel output no frame loss, and support “what you see is what you get” function convenient for adjustment, which means the effect is showed immediately once changed setting;

    With simple guide from phone communication and user manual, this project installation and adjustment is finished by the system integrator themselves in short time, Clients commend Mviewtech processor highly on its high performance, high reliability and user-friendliness.

    About Mviewtech

    Shanghai Mviewtech Co., LTD (Company Name: Mviewtech Technology, Share Code: 201276 Shanghai Equity Exchange Center) is an innovative high-tech company specialized in multi-screen / multi-projector Ultra-High-Definition display, image processing and transmitting product design and development.

    Mviewtech is experienced in high definition video and image processing; it’s products targets for 4K/8K video processing, stereoscopic display in active 3D or passive 3D, and other high definition large screen displays.

    With the know-how in video/image processing technology, high speed circuit design and high performance FPGA developing, Mviewtech will continuously introducing breakthrough technology into ceaseless changing market in high sprit and creative passion, and pursuing the most professional display solutions continuously.

    Welcome to visit our web at www.cqeidea.com, for more detail information please call at 400-680-3568 or write email to sales@mviewtech.com.

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